Weight Control

The Ideal Weight

Most people would say they need to practice some form of weight control. But what is the ideal weight for someone according to their height and gender? It’s almost impossible to define an ideal weight without knowing more than someone’s height and gender. Are they concerned with weight control because of health issues such as heart disease or diabetes? Are they a long distance runner? A construction worker? A soccer mom? Maybe ideal weight can be defined as, “as light as possible while maintaining adequate strength.”

Do you think the chart below is accurate for you? It’s based on data from the World Health Organization.

Ideal Body Weight

In the end, only the individual can decide his ideal weight, and only he or she can decide if they have a problem with weight control.

How to Control Weight

To lose weight, you must eat fewer calories than your body uses. At its most basic level, weight control is about controlling calories. There are many different weight control plans that don’t talk about calories, but their success or failure depends on them.

How do you determine the number of calories to eat to achieve your weight control goals? First you must determine your “break even” weight. That’s the amount of calories you must consume every day to neither gain or lose weight. Use this calorie counter tool to determine your “break even” weight.

To lose 1 pound per week, eat ~500 calories less than your break even weight every day. Your 500 calorie goal can be achieved through a combination of reducing the amount of calories you eat and aerobic exercise. Simple.

Blending Food and Weight Control

Most weight control plans recommend eating more fruits and vegetables. There are a few good reasons for this. Fruits and vegetables are natural and nutritious, and they have the added benefit of being low in calories, fat and sodium.

So why isn’t everyone eating enough of them? Well, there are a few obvious reasons. Fat and sodium taste good; the more the better really. If a child has the choice between an orange or a piece of chocolate, the fat and sugar of the chocolate would usually win. If the same child has the choice between a piece of celery or potato chips; the chips would usually win (sodium, fat). So, we need to make fruits and vegetables taste better. Blending food is analogous to variety being the spice of life.

If you’ve ever been on a kick where you say, “I’ll just go on a carrot diet. I’ll eat carrots whenever I’m hungry”. It probably didn’t take long to grow tired of the endless chewing and monotonous taste. It takes work to eat fruits and vegetables. But, if you blend baby carrots into a fruit or vegetable smoothie, not only will you appreciate the extra flavors, but you’ll also receive more nutrition and have an easier time getting it down.

Eating blended food for weight control is a good way to make sure you’re getting adequate nutrition and a variety of flavors. Both will make adhering to you weight control plan easier. If you’re tired of the same old lunch and dinner diet food, day after day, blending food could change how you think about weight control.

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