Eating Raw

Eating raw food is a good way to maximize your dieting efforts. Not only are raw foods low in calories, but they’re also very nutritious. People who practice eating raw foods have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight, and fighting off disease and the symptoms of aging. An easy way get the diet benefits of eating raw is by blending food.

Eating Raw and Health

Some nutrition is lost when foods are cooked. The heat from cooking alters or destroys the vitamins, enzymes, proteins and fats that are preserved when eating raw. Obviously it doesn’t destroy all of them, but it significantly changes the nutritional value of the food.

Eating raw also helps you avoid mutagens and carcinogens that are formed during the cooking process. It is widely believed that high heat and smoke from cooking is directly linked to various cancers such as stomach, esophageal and colon cancer.

Eating raw can make it easy for someone to  reduce the amount of calories he or she eats. Raw foods don’t contain added fats and sugars that are packed with unneeded, empty calories. Most raw foods are naturally low in fat, and they contain natural sugars. This low concentration of calories makes it possible to eat more – and feel fuller – and still control weight. Quickly blending a few fruits and vegetables is a satisfying replacement for binge eating.

Raw Food and Convenience

Eating raw requires little preparation, especially when blending.

You should always thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating them raw or cooked.

Non-organic fruits and vegetables can contain harmful chemicals that should be washed off before eating. Certain fruits and vegetables retain more toxic chemicals than others. For example, apples and peaches routinely test positive for excessive chemicals. Always thoroughly wash your raw food.

Washing food takes little time compared to cooking. And if you’re making a blended soup, sauce or smoothie, you’re food cutting technique won’t matter at all. As long as you can get it in the container and down to the blade, anything goes. Blending food is essential for the health conscious individual on the go.

You’ll find that you spend less time cleaning up when you practice eating raw. Cooking food splatters, smokes, drips and bakes on food to pots and pans. Cleaning up the mess often takes more time than preparing the food, and it’s often more difficult. Time and effort spent soaking, scrubbing, brushing and bleaching are dramatically reduced by eating raw.

Eating raw can also help you save money. Even though eating raw isn’t the cheapest way to eat, it’s pretty close. When you blend your fruits and vegetables, you almost never have to throw rotten food away. When a fruit or vegetable begins to turn bad, simply find room in your next smoothie or blended salad. No more waste.

The more eating raw you do,  the less meat you’ll require. And meat is expensive! Leave the cholesterol laden steak in the freezer and spend your money on the best fruits and vegetables.

Eating Raw and blending food is also rich in flavor. Eating raw blended food for the first time can be an eye opening experience; sometimes there’s almost too much flavor! This additional flavor makes you less likely to add unnecessary ingredients like salt and sugars.

Cooking food is fine and sometimes necessary. Certain flavors can only be created by cooking, and some foods can only be safely eaten after cooking. But eating raw more often is wise decision that could help you maintain your weight, health and pocket book. Your taste buds will thank you.

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  1. Isabelle says:

    I was hoping to find information about vegetables that are toxic and cannot be blended or diced and eaten raw. Where could I find this informationé
    Thank You,

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